Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach

Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach (5th edition)

Contains much revision, expansion to 32 chapters, and a new, compartmentalized format. Another added feature is the website that provides resources for the software discussed. Text organized in order from introductory material to advanced software engineering topics. DLC: Software Engineering.

Pressman’s Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach is celebrating 20 years of excellence in the software engineering field. This comprehensive 5th edition provides excellent explanations of all the important topics in software engineering and enhances them with diagrams, examples, exercises, and references. In the fifth edition, a new design has been added to make the book more user friendly. Several chapters have been added including chapters on Web Engineering and User Interface Design. The fifth edition is supported by an Online Learning Center, which is an enhanced website that supports both teachers and students. Some of the materials that can be found on this website include: Transparency Masters, Instructor’s Manual, Software Engineering essays, Testing and Quizzing, and Case Studies.


Confusing Book-Enless lists

The book does little explaining and does a lot of quoting of other sources (this person says this way, that person thinks it should be done that way….) Every attempt at an explanation is really just another list. The book is list upon list, and doesn’t connect the dots in any meaningful way! Hardly a way to get to know the subject. The overwhelming use of abbreviations (BAA, BPE, SCI, CAA, SCM, etc., etc.) makes understanding even worse because you have to try to remember what the initials stand for, sometimes chapters later. Probably Ok if you have already done software engineering for years.


It has covered every aspect in software engineering

It is a good work that covers every aspect in software engineering. Even I have been 12 years in software engineering line, but this is still a good book for you to know what you did wrong in the past!



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