Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville

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Software Engineering: Update 8th Edition by Ian Sommerville


Sensible choice and organization of topics, made all the more authoritative by the author’s credentials as a senior academic in the area Prof. David S. Rosenblum, University College London I find Somerville inviting and readable and with more appropriate content Julian Padget, University of Bath Sommerville takes case studies from radically different areas of SE. This avoids excessive stereotyping (hence blinkering), but permits some depth and detail. Dr C Lester, Portsmouth University Software Engineering 8 presents a broad perspective on software systems engineering, concentrating on widely used techniques for developing large-scale systems. Structured into 6 parts: 1: Introduction; 2: Requirements Engineering; 3: Design; 4: Software Development; 5: Verification and Validation; 6: Management And now with additional new chapters on System Security Engineering, Aspect-oriented Software Development, and Service-oriented systems! Building on the widely acclaimed strengths of the 7th edition, 8 updates readers with the latest developments in the field, whilst maintaining the structure and content of the 7th easily upward compatible for those using the text in a teaching environment.
From the Back Cover
Software Engineering 8
The eighth edition of the best-selling introduction to software engineering is now updated with three new chapters on state-of-the-art topics.
New chapters in the 8th edition
Ø Security engineering, showing youhow you can design software to resist attacks and recover from damage;
Ø Service-oriented software engineering, explaininghow reusable web services can be used to develop new applications;
Ø Aspect-oriented software development, introducing new techniques based on the separation of concerns.
Key features
Ø Includes the latest developments in software engineering theory and practice, integrated with relevant aspects of systems engineering.
Ø Extensive coverage ofagile methods andreuse.
Ø Integrated coverage of system safety, security and reliability – illustrating best practice in developing critical systems.
Ø Two running case studies (an information system and a control system) illuminate different stages of thesoftware lifecycle.
Online resources
Visit to access a full range of resources for students and instructors.
In addition, a rich collection of resources including links to other web sites, teaching material on related coursesadditional chapters is available at




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