Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture

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Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.1: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture 4/e


For junior-to-graduate level courses in Computer Networks, Data Networks, Network Protocols, and Internetworking. The all-time best-selling TCP/IP book by leading author Doug Comer, Volume I provides a broad, conceptual introduction to the TCP/IP internetworking protocols and the connected TCP/IP internet. Comer discusses layering, and shows how all protocols in the TCP/IP suite fit into the 5-layer model. In addition to fundamentals, the latest technologies are covered. It reviews network hardware, including wide area and local area technologies.

In this multimedia-and-book training course, Douglas E. Comer, the world’s #1 TCP/IP expert, teaches all you need to know about TCP/IP, from the basics to the cutting edge! Master TCP/IP internetworking and routing from the ground up — including every key Internet protocol. You get the interactive, browser-based TCP/IP Multimedia Cyber Classroom training CD-ROM, with hours of expert audio commentary, hundreds of video animations, hands-on practice exercises, and more — all designed to help you master TCP/IP fast! You also get print and electronic versions of the best-selling Internetworking with TCP/IP, 4th Edition, by Douglas E. Comer — the newest edition of the TCP/IP book that’s earned raves from virtually every leader of the Internet. Comer begins with a detailed explanation of how physical networks are connected into internets; and an introduction to Internet addressing, routing, subnets, and supernets. Next, understand UDP and TCP; key routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF; Internet multicasting with IGMP; and more. Comer explains client-server interaction and socket interfaces; DNS and DHCP; and key Internet applications such as FTP, NFS, MIME, SMTP, and SNMP.

You’ll find a detailed introduction to Internet security, firewall design, and VPNs — and even an insightful preview of tomorrow’s IPng and IPv6 protocols.

«Are you looking for a good intro about TCP-IP Standards? This is surely the best. This book isn’t about TCP-IP programming or implementation; I would say that it is an organized, gentle and concise presentation of the Internet documentation known as RFC ( request for comments ). After reading this book you should try «TCP-IP Illustrated, Vol. 1» by Richard Stevens, because it offers a more practical approach describing a real TCP-IP Internet «on the fly». After these two books you have a good background to read the Internet RFCs and more specific books about routing, firewalls, proxys, Internet high-level protocols and applications ( http, ftp, telnet, smtp, pop, etc … ). After the basics you should read a book about a particular implementation of TCP-IP for the OS you are using. A nice intro about TCP-IP for Unix is «TCP-IP Network Administration» by Craig Hunt. Three other O’Reilly’s books about specific topics on TCP-IP Administration for Unix are «DNS and Bind» , «Sendmail» and «Managing NFS and NIS». If you are interested in Unix TCP-IP programming there is still a quite long way, because you should know «C» language, basic Unix programing and Unix network programming. For this herculean task, I highly recommend «Advanced Programming in Unix Environment» by Richard Stevens for basic Unix programming and «Unix Network Programming Vol. 1″ also by Richard Stevens for TCP-IP programming. These are the best books on basic and network programming for Unix OS. By the way, You don’t need the Volumes 2 and 3 of this book. This Volume 1 is the only one you should buy».





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